Why Kefalonia or Cephalonia ?

The island you have always dreamed of….

Variety is the simple answer. Picture-postcard villages and harbours full of character, to stunning beaches and amazing coastline.

There are so many places to explore in Kefalonia-you may visit the north, the most fascinating beach with turquoise water Myrtos, beautiful Assos with magnificent views , Fiscardo, the only village untouched by the earthquake, in the centre of the island Argostoli, the bustling capital of Kefalonia, or go to the underground lake of Melissani cave,or Drogarati cave an amazing labyrinth made up of imposing stalactites and stalagmites which is a definite must.

Wherever you are in Kefalonia you will never be far from one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean with the most clear blue water imaginable.

In short, Kefalonia is a perfect place to escape to and enjoy the richness and authenticity of island life.

The Fiscardo Region

One of the few Cephalonian villages left intact after the earthquake of 1953 Fiscardo is everything that you could possibly imagine a Mediterranean , Ionian or Aegean harbour village to be.

The Assos Region

Cephalonia's most dramatically positioned village! A glorious harbour village with a rustic and rural feel. The charm of Assos lies very much in its simplicity and stunning setting.

The Avithos Region Svoronata Lassi and Argostoli the Capital

Southern of Kefalonia 's capitol Argostoli, lies a beautiful stretch of countryside and coastline. Perfect terrain for exploring the meandering country lanes and villages by car. The region is used extensively by the island's wine makers and the eminently Robola Wines originate here. Svoronata village is completely free of mass tourism with the most glorious beaches and countryside to enjoy, as well as easy access to all local attractive villages of Livathos.

The proximity of our region to Argostoli, 10 km away, and just beyond that lies Platis and Makris Gialos in Lassi area beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand – a must for swimming. This lively resort is a beach lovers paradise with fine white sands and plentiful water sports. A little further on, you come to the post-earthquake town of Argostoli, waiting to welcome you with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. This region provides something to please almost everyone.

The Skala Region

Small and lively. Ideal for beach lovers. Skala is famous for its long and sandy/shingle beach.

Poros Port

Poros is situated in a picturesque area with mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Along the coast line south of Poros towards Skala there are some pretty little coves and beaches.nThe town is divided into two by a river with the beach resort area on the side and the port on the other. Just outside Poros in the village of Tzanata there is an important excavation of a large Mycenaean Royal tomb currently under progress.

Sami Region

Sami combines a coastline and a most interesting inland. Along the coastline there are landscapes of exceptionally beauty such as Antisamos Beach, as well as the small lake of Karavomylos where portion of the subterranean waters of Katavothres in Argostoli finally end up.

The Lixouri Region
This penninsular is probably the least explored area of Kefalonia yet it possess some of the islands most breathtaking scenery. There are picturesque villages with large old houses and churches nestled in the landscape which is rich with vineyards and fruit trees. Along this western coast there are superb stretches of sandy shoreline and the one of the most beautiful beaches on the island - Petani Beach. Further south you find the Kipouria Monastery perched directly above the cobalt blue seas at the top of a 90 metre precipice. The views here are magnificent with the waters of the Ionian appearing to stretch away forever.
The Ithaca Region
The most Picturesque and Uncommercial of the Ionian Isles

Its charm is inescapable and its sleepy way of life endearing. Everything about this magical island is laid back and relaxed .
Ithaca has everything you would expect of a small Greek island - a beautiful coastline, stunning views, villages with whitewashed buildings with red roofs and a relaxed pace of life.
History of Kefalonia

According to mythology, the island takes its name from King Kefalos. Other sources claim that the name comes from ancient people known as Kefallenes or from the fact that Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Sea and thus constitutes the “kefali” or head of this group of islands. During the Trojan War, it lent its support to the king of Ithaca, Odysseus. Kefalonians took part in the Persian Wars, and finally in the 4th century BC they became members of the Athenian Confederacy. Around 50 BC the entire island fell under Roman rule. During the Byzantine period Kefalonia was often raided and plundered by pirates. Between the 11th and 12th centuries the island suffered repeated destructive raids initially by the Normans and later by Crusaders of the First Crusade. At the end of the first Turko-Russian War [1463-1479] the Turks took over Kefalonia along with Lefkas and Ithaca. It was later retaken by the Venetian Tocco family, then came into Venetian hands and finally was conquered by the Turks in 1484. In 1500 the Venetians once more took possession of the island, which remained under their domination until 1797. The French became masters of the island in 1807, followed by the British [1809-1864]. After the end of the British rule the Ionian Islands were united with Greece on May 21st 1864.

Kefalonians also took an active part in the Greek War of Independence, by contributing men and ships.
On a summer’s day in August 1953 a terrible earthquake struck the island. The violent seismic shocks flattened the beautiful town of Argostoli, destroying its traditional houses, its churches, tall belfries, stately mansions and farmhouses. Most of the island became a mound of ruble forcing many Kefalonians to immigrate.

In recent decades Kefalonia has experienced rapid growth in its infrastructures, economy, and social conditions. Many expatriate Kefalonians have found their way back to the homeland.

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