Motor Boats in Avithos-Argostoli Region

Motor Boats Rentals

There is something very special about discovering hidden coves and empty bays in your own boat. The boats are easy to handle and before you know it, you will be your own skipper for a day on a voyage of discovery through some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Greece.

Motor Boat

The great thing is that no experience is necessary, as the local operator will show you how to operate the boat. Some of the boats have a tiller and these starting mechanisms need a tug on the cord to get the motor going. Actually operating the boat is easy  but doing it with the air of confidence needs practice. For starters  that cord needs a jolly good tug which is best done with both hands. With a graceful bend of the knees and a sharp yank on the rope, the motor should start. First time Captains should try not to throw their partner overboard with the backward thrust of the elbow or choose a model with an electric starter! More sophisticated boats have a steering wheel with an electric starter and consul (like a remote control).

Chatting away to one of the locals the night before hiring your boat, he may suggest a perfect secluded beach to head for, which is easily accessible by motorboat, but could well be 5 miles away from your departure point. The Port Authority permits hired boats to travel within a range of three nautical miles from the point where they are hired. Your operator should give you a regional map with the limits clearly marked. If you travel out of this zone it will interfere with the insurance coverage and you may well be liable for a fine if one of the coast guards sees you.

Bearing this in mind, before you set off for that deserted cove, you should check with the operator how many nautical miles away it is and decide if you want to take the risk. You will soon get used to handling the boat, but anchoring will need some careful thought. It is not necessary to drag the boat up onto a beach or rocks, which will cause damage. The easiest way for a swim is to anchor in a bay where you stop the engine and drop the anchor making sure you are not close to any rocks and that the water is not too deep for the anchor to reach the bottom.

If you are planning to stay in a villa near the coast where a boat would be a practical enhancement, it may be advisable to pre-book the boat to avoid any disappointment.

For futher information about motor-boats please contact us  and we will adress you to the right people.

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