In & around Kefalonia


Explore pretty villages and Kefalonia’s fantastic scenery.

The very nature of Kefalonia is conducive to relaxation and ,well, doing not very much at all.

However it would be a great shame to come to such a beautiful and diverse island with out taking some time to appreciate its delights.

Three Island Cruise [Onassis Dream Cruise]

A lazy day spent cruising between the islands Lefkas ,Skorpios and Megannisi.
Time may be spent ashore on all these islands including the private island of Skorpios once to be found on the shopping list of Onassis himself.

Price: Adults 30 Euros, Child 20 Euros
Price Includes: All the above plus guide on board to give information throughout
Days: Friday Times: 09:15 am returning at 18:30
Meeting place: Agia Efimia port
Tips: take everything you need for a full day out, swimwear ,sunscreen, hat, water etc

Idyllic Ithaca

The island of Ithaca, thought to be the ancient kingdom of the legendary hero Odysseus.
Discover fabulous scenery peppered with charming villages. Explore the horse-shoe shaped harbor of the capital Vathi, where you can stroll along the seafront and try some of the local tavernas.

Price: Adult 30 Euros, Child 20 Euros
Price Includes: All the above, plus a guides information
Days: Thursday Times: 08:30 am returning at 16:30pm
Meeting place: Sami port
Tips: take everything you need for full day out, swim ear, sunscreen, hat, water, camera etc

Kefalonia a Natural Beauty!

If beauty is from within, then the strange geological phenomena which take place beneath the surface of Kefalonia certainly help to create such natural beauty spots as Drogarati Caves and Melisani Lake. The cool Drogarati caves are crammed with thousands of rainbow-coloured stalactites and stalagmites which are reached by steps down into an eerie cavern where you may feel the ghost of Maria Callas singing an aria! One of the most beautiful natural formations on the island is the subterranean lake of Melisani. The wonders of this 40,000 year old undergound lake and cave will be revealed as local boatmen row you across its sunlit waters.

Apart from all the fabulous inland and coastal scenery especially near Myrtos Bay and views of the surrounding islands en route, we have selected two places to visit. Assos is a tiny with stanning views village in a natural harbour on its own peninsula. Above are the impressive fortress walls surrounding the remains of a Venetian castle. The natural beauty of Assos is enhanced by the remains of its Venetian architecture throughout the village as well as its slow pace of life. At the northernmost point of the island lies the village of Fiscardo which is a postcard-pretty fishing port. Time can be happily spent in the harbourside tavernas, cafes and craft shops or strolling along to the Roman excavations near the town beach.

Captain Corelli’s Kefalonia

Set in wartime Kefalonia, Louis de Bernieres’ famous book has unearthed some of the islands’s history and entwined it in a love story. There are many villages on the island with remains of pre-earthquake houses and it is not difficult to imagine life here over 50 years ago. The southern villages of Svoronata, Caligata, Kourkoumelata and Byron’s Metaxata each have their own charm and history. Once the capital of Kefalonia, St. George’s castle can be clearly seen across the Robolla vineyards of the Omala valley en route to the monastery and churches of Saint Gerassimos. For over 400 years the island’s beloved patron saint has been lying in his silver sarcophagus. The casket is surrounded by priceless icons and paintings. Nearby, the newly constructed church is the pride of the island but does not have the wonderful atmosphere of this tiny sanctury where the hermit’s cave is still preserved.

But what about the film? The film-sets were created, the stars arrived to confuse the locals, the film was made and then Sami slipped back into the sleepy harbour of yesteryear as if nothing had happened. Off the tourist track towards Poros are some interesting pre-earthquake houses and from Poros the road is coastal all the way to Skala with its long sandy beaches. In Skala you can visit the remains of a Roman villa with mosaic floors, there is a good selection of tavernas and it is a great place for a swim. Visiting a local wine estate is not included as a “commercial stop” but we find our guests do enjoy trying before buying and here you can do both.

Classical Greece

The ancient Greeks believed that the Olympian gods inaugurated the games at Olympia. Visiting the ancient site is relatively easy using the daily ferries between Kefalonia and the mainland. The area of Olympia and the site of the sanctuary were settled as far back as 3000 BC with the first Olympiad being held in 776 BC. All the finds from the excavations at the archaeological site of Olympia are today exhibited in the New Archaeological Museum which was built to house the increasing number of finds. A tour allows for two and a half hours at Olympia to explore the site and museum with a fully-qualified classical guide.

Horse Riding

I f you would like to explore some of Kefalonia’s open countryside , what a better way then on horseback?

Saddle up and let your guide take you through some of the best views Kefalonia has to offer. Discover vineyards, olive groves and historic ruins in the shadow of the towering mountains.

Sea Kayaking

Escape from the daily routine and enjoy new places. Dare to be different. Try your hand at Kayaking. The calm waters of the Ionian Sea are perfect for learning all skills you’ll need to become the master of the waves.

Scuba Diving

Discover an underwater world filled with flashing shoals of fish wher you will be guided by your instructor every step of the way.

Historical Sites

The Archaeological Museum- situated in the capital, Argostoli, fine examples of Mycenean pottery are displayed, together with relics from the period of the Trojan War, Byzantine, Hellenistic and Roman periods.

The Corgialenios History and Cultural Museum in Argostoli, this fascinating museum provides an insight into life as it used to be in Kefalonia.

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